NYC to Chicago Walk

Pray-For-Peace Walk
65-Year-Old Grandfather Walks 1,000 miles to promote Praying-For-Peace
(New York City to Chicago) 

This was the basic title of over a dozen articles written in local newspapers about the Pray-For-Peace Walk. The walk was more like 950 miles and began at Yankee Stadium in The Bronx on July 19th and was completed on October 5th at Michigan Avenue in Chicago.


Along the way I met many appreciative and encouraging people, and had numerous inspiring conversations. The beauty and wonder of big and small town America was awesome. The countryside, mountains, valleys, rivers, streams, and tremendous farms were breathtaking. Most of all, the Pray-For-Peace message was spread. Over 3,700 pray for peace cards were handed out, numerous articles were published, and radio broadcasts made, and people PRAYED FOR PEACE.


 Not to minimize the 950-mile walk but to put it in prospective:   


My Dad served in the U. S. Navy during WWII and fought in the South Pacific. Many men were wounded and died in WWII. Their sacrifices were more significant than 79-day walk through a safe and beautiful country with friendly and supportive fellow citizens.


I met a young waitress, in a Bob Evans Restaurant in Ohio, who was sexually assaulted at 15½, got pregnant, and chose to have the baby. After considering her alternatives, she decided adoption would be best for her son. The adoptive parents want her to be part of the child’s life, and she sees him at least once a month. Her decision was significantly more difficult than the walk.


Picture a world at peace, where the threat of war or violence does not exist. This peace starts in our own hearts. Only then will we have peace in our homes, cities and towns, country and our world. Our goal is:


Picture a Muslim mother and father looking over the bodies of their dead children. I have three children and four grandchildren. I would be devastated if this would happen to my family, as would YOU. While praying about this complicated dilemma, it was clear that prayer was the best answer. This was how the PRAY-FOR-PEACE Walk began. 


Pray-for-Peace Walks of 1 day duration are being planned for the spring and summer of 2009.  You are invited to join us to help spread the message of Praying-For-Peace.   


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